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Pewter X-Mas Ornament
"Fun In The Sun" Printed Wood Plaque
"Happy As A Clam" PEI Magnet
"Welcome to our Nest" Wood Sign
"Miss Peggys Cove" Boat Print w/Matt
"The Crab Is In" Wood Sign
'Every Hour' Sign
'How to Eat A Lobster' Placemat-PEI
10 1/2" ships wheel tide clock
10" Shell Chimes36pc/Metal display
10"Ceramic Lighthouse Cookie Jar
10"X13" Plastic Canada Flag
10" Fishing Boat
10ft X 20ft Net Kit
11 oz Mug w/Puffy Design
11"Lighthouse With Boat
12" Bluenose Model
12" Lighthouse Key Box
12" Lighthouse W/2"X3" Frame
12" P.C.Motion Sensor Lighthouse
12"X18" Canada Flag on Stick
12"X18" Union Jack Flag
12" Bluenose w/Can.Flag
12" Dory Boat
12" Lobster Trap
13" Wood Lighthouse With Nets and Sealife
13.5" Lighthouse with Map
13X7 Rect. Lobster Platter
14" Lighthouse W/Life Ring & Boat
14.5"Lighthouse with Net and Rope
16" Wooden Lighthouse
18" Wood Atlantic Lighthouse
18.5" Wooden Lighthouse
2 Asst Wd Buoy Dbl Wall Hooks
2 Asst. Capiz Fish
2.5" Wood ship in bottle
20" Bluenose Model
20" Lighthouse W/Net and Dolphin
2012 MacAskill Calendar
2012 Nova Scotia Calendar
2012 Peggy's Cove Desk Calendar
21" Wooden Lighthouse
28" Bluenose Model
3 asst cutout wd shells on stands
3 Asst Nat Look Shell Shadow Boxes
3 Asst Wht Lighthouse Candle Holders
3 Asst. Cement Tealights
3 Asst. Dyed Starfish
3 Asst. Resin Shell Plaques
3 Asst. Shell Frames
3 Asst. T-Light Shells
3 Asst.Peggy's Cove Pens
3 Sheets To The Wind Shooter Glass
3 Ships in a Bottle
3" Blown Glass Float w/Mesh Bag-ASST
3" Potion Sand & Shells Bottle
3-D Cape Breton Magnet
3-D L/H Magnet - Souv.
3-D Lighthouse Ornament
3-D Lobster/Trap Magnet
3-D Puffin/Lh/Boat Magnet
30" Mar. Swordfish sword
3D Fishing Village Magnet-Souv.
3D PEI Boat Ornament
3D X-Mas Lob.Ornament-Souv.
4 1/2" Wood Lob. Magnet
4 Asst. T-lights in Bottles
4" Blown Glass Float w/Mesh Bag-ASST
4" NS Plate w/Stand LH/BN/LOB
4"X6" PEI Flag With Stand
4" life ring ornament
4" Shooter Glass Clear w/3 Flags
4" Shooter w/Puffy Design
4" Wooden Fishermen
4.5" Wood ship in bottle
5" Blown Glass Float w/Mesh Bag-ASST
5" Wood Boat
500 gr Bag of Imitation Beach Glass
500gr rafiawrpd shellpck
6 Asst Cream/Color Lip Shell Necklace
6 Asst Shell/Wood Bracelets
6 Mini Glass Sealife
6 Mini Glass Whales
6 Piece Shell Ornament Set
6" Plush Lobster
6" Tall Poly 3D L/H Photo Frame 4"x6"-SOUV.
6" Trivet w/Puffy Design
60 cm Yellow Nylon SouWester Hat
64 cm Yellow Nylon SouWester Hat
8" Bluenose Model
8" Lighthouse
8"X3" Wood ship in bottle
8" Lobster Trap
8" Spoke Plate-Peggys Cv
8" Wall Plate-Map of Maritimes
8.5" Plush Lobster
8x10 Matt-Grand Pre, NS
8x10 Matt-Lunenburg Fish.Museum
9" Lighthouse
9.5" Tall Birdhouse
9.5" Fishing Boat
9ft. 2 strand clamrose/nassa shell garland
Abalone pieces - medium
Abandoned L/H Postcard
Absorbing Naut. Coasters (4/Set)
African Whelk
Anchor Glitter K/C
Anne & Diane Magnet
Anne of Green Gables Pictorial
Anne On Fence Magnet
Antique Look Telescope w/Stand
Apple Murex
Armillary-Nickel Plated
Arrowhead Sanddollar 5-6"
Ashtray - Peggys Cove
Asst 3" Poly Resin Old Salt Sailor Fig.
Asst Comical Sailor Magnet-Souv.
Asst Glass & Metal Turtle
Asst Hibiscus /Dolphin PEI Sandal K/C
Asst Old Salt Magnets 2.5"
Asst Pewter Keychains/24pc
Asst. Jiggle Lobster Magnets
Asst. Mini Shell Animals
Asst. Photo Albums
Asst. Shell Sunburst Necklace
Asst. Tissue Holders
Asst. Wooden Boats
Atl. Style Poly L/H 3" (96/Cs)
Atl. Style Poly L/H 4" (48/Cs)
Atl. Style Poly L/H 5" (24/Cs)
Atl. Style Poly L/H 6" (12/Cs)
Atl. Style Poly L/H 8" (12/Cs)
Atlantic Canada Placemat
Atlantic Lighthouse Magnetic Notepad
Atlantic Surf Clam
B/N II In Hfx Harbour Print w/Matt
Baby Scallop shell pack
Barefoot Sandal
Baseball Style Cap - Asst NL Puff
Baseball Style Cap - Asst NS Puff
Baseball Style Cap - Asst PC Puff
Baseball Style Cap - Asst PE Puff
Basic Twist Spoon w/NS Crest Dome
Beach Glass Candy
Bear Paw Clam 3-5"
Bear Paw Clam 5-7"
Beer Stein Souv.-5 L/H's of N.S.
Beer Stein Souv.-Abstract lobster
Beer Stein Souv.-Fishing Village
Beer Stein Souv.-Map & L/H's of PEI
Beer Stein-Souv.
Bird Lamp
Birdhouse Store
Bisq. 3 Pc Tea Set-NS Map
Black Murex up to 3.5"
Black Murex 5" & Up
Black Murex Shell Nite Lite
Black Velveteen Pouch 3 x 4
Blank Foot Shape Key Chain
Blank Foot shape Opener
Blue Bridge Shot Glass
Blue CB Whale Tail Shot
Blue Confederation Bridge Stein
Blue Embossed PC L/H Mug
Blue Glass Jellyfish
Blue NS Whale Tail Shot
Blue PEI Whale Tail Shot
Blue Star Finger 6"-7"
Bluenose II Placemat
Bluenose in bottle 3"
Bluenose in Hfx Harbour Postcard
Bluenose Magnetic Notepad
Bluenose Orn.-Gold Plated
Bluenose Poster
Boat in Bottle
Boat in Bottle
Boats & Home in PC Postcard
Book Ends-2 Asst.
Bosum Call-Boxed
Botai square shell pack
Boxed Pewter Thimble-PC
Brass Addaid Compass
Brass Anchor Bell 5.5"
Brass Anchor Key Hanger-6x5"
Brass Anchor Keyholder
Brass Anchor Shoe Horn-19"
Brass Bells on String(Asst)-Med.
Brass Binocular 6"
Brass Bosum Whistle 4"
Brass Brunton Compass
Brass Candle Lamp w/Chimney
Brass Candle Snuffer
Brass Candle Snuffer-M.O.P.
Brass Clinometer Compass w/Wd Box
Brass Clock 4"
Brass Compass 1.75"
Brass Dalvey Style Compass
Brass Door Sign "Captain"-5.5"
Brass Door Sign "Captains Quarters"-12"
Brass Door Sign "Crews Quarters"-8x4"
Brass Double Dolphin
Brass Flat Compass
Brass Lamp 10"
Brass Pocket Compass w/Blk Dial-1.75"
Brass Porthole Cover w/Glass-12"
Brass Sextant w/Wd Base
Brass Ship Bell 5"
Brass Ship Wheel Compass-18"
Brass Ships Wheel Bell
Brass Sun Dial
Brass Sundial Compass w/Wd Base
Brass Sundial Compass w/Wd Box
Brass Taxi Horn (U-Shaped)
Brass Telegraph 13"
Brass Timer-3.5"
Brass Turtle-M.O.P.
Brass/Leather Telescope w/BrassStand 10"
Bridge & Boat Magnet
Brushed Cotton Navy Twill Cap with PEI Lobster EMB.
Brushed Cotton Navy Twill Cap w/NS LH Embr
Brushed cotton Stone twill cap with NS LH-EMB-
Brushed cotton Stone twill cap with PEI Lobster EMB
Bursa Spinosa Lf Phil 3"
Buttercup Lucine
Can.Mapleleaf Pen w/Strng
Canada Beer Magnet Opener
Canada Flag Lapel Pin
Canada Tankard w/Gold Foil
Candle Holder With 5 Lighthouses of Nova Scotia
Cape Breton Gold Ornament
Cape Breton Island Print w/Matt
Cape Smokey
Cape Spear 3D L/H Magnet
Carrier Shell 2-3"
Cast Iron Trivet - LH & SB
Cavendish Beach Poly Magnet
CB Fall Leaves Placemat
CB Frosted Shot Glass
CB Map w/Fiddle Magnet
CB Pewter Spinner K/C
Celidh Trail Pin
Ceramic Beer Stein 26 oz Souv
Ceramic Beer Stein 26 oz Souv.-5 L/H's Of N.S.
Ceramic Beer Stein 26 oz Souv.-Blue Bridge
Ceramic Beer Stein 26 oz Souv.-Fishing Village
Ceramic Beer Stein 26 oz Souv.-Lupin Bridge
Ceramic Beer Stein 26 oz Souv.-PEI Map & L/H's
Ceramic Beer Stein 26 oz Souv.-PEI Tartan Map
Ceramic Beer Stein 26oz Souv.W/Abstract Lobster
Ceramic L/H Bird Houses (2 Asst) approx. 8.5"
Ceramic L/H Salt & Pepper (6/CS)
Ceramic Lighthouse Bell Chime-7.5"
Ceramic Lighthouse S&P
Ceramic Lighthouse Tray
Ceramic Lighthouse,Asst. Designs-6"
Ceramic Lighthouse,Asst. Designs-8"
Ceramic Mug-Souv.
Chen 8x10 Matt-At Rest
Chen 8x10 Matt-Conf.Bridge
Chen 8x10 Matt-Dawn
Chen 8x10 Matt-Misty
Chen 8x10 Matt-Peggys Cove
Chen 8x10 Matt-Peggys Delight
Chen 8x10 Matt-Peggys Harbour
Chen 8x10 Matt-Pride of NS
Chen 8x10 Matt-Reflections
Church in PC Postcard
Citadel Hill, Halifax Print w/Matt
Citadel Hill, NS Postcard
Clam Macabebe Dyed-Pairs
Clam Pol Purple Prs 1"
Clip Keychain-NS
Coaster Set
Cobra Stand-9"
Coco Beads & Bamboo 16.5" Chime
Colored Grow Hermit Crab
Colored Grow Tropical Fish - Asst
Colored Growing Lobster
Coming Home Placemat
Confed.Bridge Gold Ornam.
Confederation Bridge Pictorial
Confederation Bridge Shot Glass
Confederation Bridge Shot Glass
Conus Betulinis
Coolie - NL
Coolie - PE
Coolie-Nova Scotia
Coolie-Peggy's Cove
Copper Divers Helmet
Cork w/ Rope
Covehead Lighthouse Magnet
Crab Jiggle Ornament
Crab Wind Chime
Crosby 8x10 Matt-Green Gables
Crushed Seashells
Crystal B/N w/Light Base
CT Gold Plated Spoon
Cup & Saucer-Peggys Cove
Cypraea Ovula Ovum
Cypraea Poratia
Dbl. Chair W/Photo 4"X6"
Deep Albican Shell
Defective Tritons
DeGarthe Monument Postcard
Depew 11x14 Matt-Coming Home
Depew 5x7 Matt-Gull on Piling
Depew 5x7 Matt-L/H
Depew 8x10 Matt-Bluenose
Depew 8x10 Matt-Horizontal L/H
Depew 8x10 Matt-Net/Traps/Cove
Depew 8x10 Matt-Red Boat in Cove
Depew 8x10 Matt-Vertical L/H
Disp/24 Incense & Sealife Incense Hldrs
Dlx Wool Greek Fisherman Cap
Dolphin in Glass
Down by The Seashore Rug
Early Morning PC L/H
Emb. Canvas Bag With Nova Scotia Bluenose
Emb. Canvas Bag With Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
Ethiopian Volute 5-7"
Ethiopian Volute 7-9"
Ethiopian Volute 9-11"
Fat Lobster Boat - Souv.
Fibre Conch-Mex. 3-4"
Fighting Conch
Fish Boat
Fish Magnet
Fish Net Kit 5ft X 10ft
Fish Net Pack 5ft X 10ft
Fish Net Swags
Fishing Village Magnet XL
Fishing Village Magnetic Notepad
Flamingo Tongue
Flocked Nodding Head Lobster
Footprint Photo Frame
Four-Toothed Nerite
Frame/Print/Matte-Crew of BN 11x14
Frame/Print/Matte-Wing&Wing 8x10
Fraser 11x14 Matt-L/H
Glass Bottle Stoppers-Asst
Glass Bumpy Blue Starfish
Glass Claw Stopper
Glass fish bowl pprwght
Glass Float Ornament (3 Asst)
Glass Jellyfish
Glass Jellyfish Paperweight -PINK/RED JELLYFISH
Glass jellyfish pprwght - BLUE JELLY FISH
Glass Loon
Glass Nautilus Shell
Glass Paperweight w/3 Colored Jellyfish
Glass Pink Conch
Glass Puffin
Glass seagull figure
Glass Seashell
Glass Shell Necklaces-6 Asst.
Glass Shells
Glass Starfish
Glass Starfish Pendants
Glass Turtle
Glow in the Dark Jellyfish 4.5"
Gold spoon w/etched NS bowl
Gold Suncatcher w/Crystal-Humpback Whale
Good Start Magnetic Note Pad
Gopher Sea Biscuit 3"
Goucher 8x10 Matt-Famous Bluenose
Goucher 8x10 Matt-L/H
Goucher 8x10 Matt-Schooner
Grand Pre Postcard
Grand Pre Print
Grand Pre Print w/Matt
Green Abalone Nat. 5-7"
Green Gables 3-D Magnet
Green Gables House 3"Poly Ornament
Green Gables House Poly Magnet
Green Gables Magnetic Notepad
Green Gables Pencil
Grn/Grn Layered Color Glass Starfish
Grow Hermit Crabs
Haitian Crown 2-4"
Haitian Crown 4-5"
Halifax Bluenose Pin
Halifax Pewter Spinner Bell
Halifax Public Gardens Postcard
Halo Mug Souv.-L/H & Lady Slippers
Halo Mug-Souv.
Halo Mug-Souv.
Halomug w/Cobalt Rim & Base Souv-5 L/H's Of N.S.
Halomug w/Cobalt Rim & Base Souv-Fishing Village
Halomug w/Cobalt Rim & Base Souv-PEI Lady Slipper
Halomug W/Green Rim & Base Souv-5 L/H's Of N.S.
Halomug W/Green Rim & Base Souv-C.B. Tartan Map
Halomug W/Green Rim & Base Souv-Lupins
Hanging T-Light in Bottle
Hat/T Combo NL
Hat/T Combo NS
Hat/T Combo PC
Hat/T Combo PEI
Hawk Wing Conch
Hemicardium Heart Shell
Hfx Harbour/Cruise Ship Postcard
Hfx Multiview Puff Mug
Hfx Public Gardens Print
Hfx Public Gardens Print w/Matt
Home is Where Beach Pub Sign
Hooked Scorpion lamp 6"
Horn Conch 7-8"
Horn Conch 8-9"
Horn Conch 9-10"
Horn Roller 6-7"
Horn Roller 7-8"
How to eat lobster
I Got Tipsy in CB Clear Shooter
I got Tipsy in NB Clear Shooter
I Got Tipsy in NL Shot Glass
I Got Tipsy in NS Clear Shooter
Icicle Shell Keychain
Iles de la Madeleine
India Shell Mix-Small (1 KG)
Inlaid Box
Inlaid Box Sun Design
Inlaid Shell Bird
Inlaid Shell Lighthouse
Irish Scallop Cups 9-11cm
Iron Sun Dial Compass
Irridescent Glass Sand $ Paperweight (4 Asst)
Jiggle Angel
Jiggle Captian
Jiggle Lobster Magnet
Jungle Starfish
Kiddies Treasure Bag
King Crown White 1-2"
King Helmet 3-4"
King Helmet 4-5"
King Helmet 5-6"
King Helmet 6-7"
King Helmet 7-8"
King Helmet 8-9"
L/H Dangle Spoon *w/Dome
L/H Rain Poncho
L/H Top spoon w/etched NS bowl *w/Dome
L/H w/Sailor Ornament (4 Asst)
L/H Waterglobe - SOUV.
Lady Slipper Magnet-PEI
Lady Slipper Ornament-3"
Lambis Lambis 4-5"
Lapel pin w/oval dome
Large Bell Souv.-5 L/H's Of N.S.
Large Glass Plate & Stand
Large Ship in a Bottle
Large Sitting Gull 1"
LED Lobster K/C
Lee 8x10 Matt-Guiding Light
Lee 8x10 Matt-Guiding Light w/Frame
Lg glass trumpet seashell
Lg Leaf Dish
Lg Red Abalone 7-9"
Lg Shell India Mix (2 kg)
Lg Tiger Cowrie
Lg. Wood Sailboat
Lighthouse 8.5" W/Net
Lighthouse charm spoon w/etched NS bowl
Lighthouse Fountain-Approx.8.5"
Lighthouse Green Colour-15.5"
Lighthouse Lamp
Lighthouse mug With Black Base-Halifax, NS
Lighthouse Plaque
Lighthouse Thermo. Magnet
Lighthouse Top Bamboo Chime
Lighthouses of NS Magnet
Lob. & Lob. Trap Ornament-Souv.
Lob.& Lob.Trap Magnet - Souv.
Lobster & Man Mug-Souv.
Lobster Boat - Souv.
Lobster Butter Warmer - Souv.
Lobster Claw Harmonica
Lobster Claw Head Band
Lobster Claw Oven Mitt
Lobster Claw Shooter
Lobster Fanny Pincher
Lobster Hook
Lobster Jiggle Frame
Lobster Jiggle Ornament
Lobster Magnet
Lobster Paddle Ball
Lobster Pencil Topper
Lobster Poly Resin Frame
Lobster Puff Mug
Lobster Shaped Soap
Lobster Shot Glass Set (2)
Lobster Shot Glass-Souv.
Lobster Trap
Lobster Trap Ornament
Lobster Trap Ornament-Souv.
Lobster Trivet
Lobster Tumbler Set-N.S.
Lobster Wind Chime
Lobster/Sand K/C-NS
Lobster/Sand K/C-PC
Lobster/Sand K/C-PEI
Local Sanddollars 2.5" & Up
Louisbourg Postcard
Louisbourg Print
Louisbourg Print w/Matt
Lunenburg Harbour, NS Postcard
Lunenburg Postcard
Lunenburg Print
Lunenburg Print w/Matt
Lupin Farm Magnet-PEI
Lupin/Confederation Bridge Magnet
M.O.P. - Mexican
M.O.P. Keyholder
MacAskill Notepad (50 Pages)
Magic Grow Lobster
Magnetic Hill Mug
Magnifying Glass w/Handle
Mahone Bay, NS Postcard
Mako Shark Tooth Pendant (1 2/8")
Mako Shark Tooth Pendant 7/8"
Margaree River, CB Postcard
Margaree River, CB Print
Margaree River, CB Print w/Matt
Marine Wall Clock 14" Five Time
Maritimes Wooden Coaster Set
Marlin Spikes 4-5"
Masq. Fisherman
Masq. Lifeboatman
Masq. Longshoreman
Masq. Sailor
Masq. Sea Captain
Masq. Seaman
Masq. Yachtsman
Me & My Old Crab Live Here Wd Sign
Med big mouth glass fish bowl
Med Resin Coral Centerpiece-Red
Med Resin Coral Centerpiece-White
Med. Bell Souv.-5 L/H's Of N.S.
Med. Bell Souv.-Lobster Country
Med. Bell Souv.-PEI L/H's
Med.Wood Shrimp Boat
Message in Bottle-Souv.
Metal Flat Basket
Metal L/H Wine Rack
Metal Lobster Wallhanger
Metal Magazine Rack
Metal Waste Basket
Mexican King Crown
Mexican Sea Urchin 2" & Up
Milk Conch
Mini Beer Stein 2.5"-Nova Scotia
Mini Tall Ship 3"
Mini Tankard Souv.-5 L/H's Of N.S.
Mini Tankard Souv.-Abstract Lobster
Mini Tankard Souv.-Blue Bridge
Mini Tankard Souv.-Blue Ship
Mini Tankard Souv.-Fishing Village
Mini Tankard Souv.-Gold Ship
Mini Tankard Souv.-Lobster Country
Mini Tankard Souv.-Map & L/H's Of PEI
Mini Tankard Souv.-PEI Tartan Map
Mini Wood Dragger
Mirror and Holder
Miss Peggys Cove Postcard
Monkey Fist Rope Knot- Key Chain
Mtl disp/48 ea beaded flower - FOOT THONG
Mud Snail-Polished
Mud Star 3" & Up
Mud Star 6-7"
Mud Stars 8-10"
Multi Color Blue Glass Dolphin
Multi Colour Sanddollar With Card
Multi-purpose Keychain w/L/H/Compass
Multiview Trinket Box
Murex Ramosus 4-5"
Murex Ramosus 6-7"
Murex Ramosus 7-8"
Murex Shell-2nds
N.S. Block Magnet
N.S. Flag 8x12"
N.S. Foot Shape Keychain
N.S. Foot Shape Opener
N.S. Keychain with Sand
N.S. Lobster Pencil
N.S. Lobster Pencil Sharpener
N.S. Lobster Ruler
N.S. Lobster Tumbler
N.S. Made Deluxe Lob.Trap
N.S. Made Square Lob.Trap
N.S. Napkin Holder
N.S. Porcelain Shot Glass
N.S. Skillet Wall Plaque
N/L - Asst Shells w/Silver Trim
Natural Nautilus 5-6"
Nautical Coat Rack
Nautical Frame
Nautical Frames-Asst.
Nautical Wood Frame
NB Car Flag
NB Frosted Shot Lobster/Trap
NB Frosted Shotglass w/LH
NB Lobster Shot Glass Set (2)
NB Red Lobster K/C
NB Shot Glass
NB Silver Lobster K/C
NB Thermo Magnet
Necklace-Gold Trim Shell With Black Cord
Net Bag of 15 ea Glass Sealife
Net Bag of Shells - Small
Net Bag/15 ea Frstd Pstl Glass Sealife
Net Treasure Bag-Boys
Net Treasure Bag-Girls
New Bluenose II Postcard
New Brunswick Magnetic Pen
New England Neptune Shell
Nfld Gold Ornament
Nfld Pewter Spinner Bell
Nfld. Flag 8x12"
Nina Boat
NL Frosted Shot W/Puffin
NL Nailclipper
NL Puff Stitch Ball Hat
No Puffin Magnet
Nova Scotia 2 Tone Frosted Shot
Nova Scotia 2 Tone Frosted Shot
Nova Scotia 9'X12"-2011
Nova Scotia Bell
Nova Scotia Embossed Mug
Nova Scotia Epoxy Pin
Nova Scotia Flag 4"X6"
Nova Scotia L/H & Lobster Frosted Shot
Nova Scotia Magnetic Pen
Nova Scotia Map Magnet
Nova Scotia Map Pin
Nova Scotia Nail Clippers
Nova Scotia Pen
Nova Scotia Pen With Case
Nova Scotia Pictorial Book
Nova Scotia Sticky Notes
Nova Scotia Tote Bag W/Zipper
NS Bell
NS Coaster Set-Five Lighthouses
NS Crest Embr. Patch (Lg)
NS Crest Patch - Stick On
NS Crest Playing Cards
NS Die Spinner K/C
NS Flag Frosted Shot Glass
NS Flag Thermo Magnet
NS Glass Ball Ornament
NS Glass Beer Opener
NS Gold Plated Bookmark
NS Gold Spinner K/C
NS Golf Repair Keychain
NS L/H & Boat Pewter Magnet
NS L/H 3-Tone Blue S&P
NS L/H Blue Cobalt Shooter
NS L/H Bronze Magnet
NS L/H Etched/Frosted
NS L/H Top Spoon
NS L/H w/Bowl Spoon
NS LH Rect. Spinner K/C
NS Lighthouse Crest
NS Lighthouse Magnet
NS Mag. Telephone Book
NS Metal Nameplate
NS Multi-view Magnet XL
NS Multiview Puff Mug
NS Pastel Mug-BlueO/PinkI
NS Pastel Mug-GreenO/YllwI
NS Pastel Mug-PinkO/BlueI
NS Pastel Mug-YellowO/GreenI
NS Pewter Spinner Bell
NS Pewter Spinner K/C
NS Shot w/LH & BN
NS Shotglass w/Lob/LH/Boat
NS So Much to Sea Painted Gold Ornament
NS Spinner Spoon
NS Value Postcard Pack
NS Wall Calendar - 2010
NS White/Gold Mug
NS Zipper Pull w/Bluenose
Old Man & Boy Cribbage Board
Old Salt Harpooning Whale
Old Salt Shck/Oyster Mirror
Our house rules...relax pub sign
Our Ships Galley w/Mirror Pub Sign
Oval Lighthouse Spinner K/C-Hfx,NS
Oval Lighthouse Spinner K/C-NS
P.C. 3D Brass Ornament W/Colours
P.C. Block Magnet
P.C. Foot Shape Keychain
P.C. Foot Shape Opener
P.C. Gold Ornament W/Colour Accents
P.C. Keychain with sand
P.C. Lobster Pencil
P.C. Lobster Pencil Sharpener
P.C. Lobster Ruler
P.C. Lobster Tumbler
P.E. Lobster Tumbler
Painted Cavas Plaque
Painted Starfish
Paper Treasure Bag-Boys
Paper Treasure Bag-Girls
PC 3-D Cove Ornament
PC 3-D L/H Ornament
PC 4" Tile w/Feet/Hanger
PC Chokin Mug
PC Collage Ornament
PC Cup & Saucer w/Stand
PC Embossed Bell
PC from Government Wharf
PC Glow in Dark 3-D Magnet
PC Gold Ornament
PC Heavy Brass Ornament
PC L/H at Dusk Postcard
PC L/H Magnet
PC L/H Ornament
PC L/H Placemat
PC L/H Postcard
PC L/H Print w/Matt
PC L/H Story Mug
PC L/H/Boat/Lob Thimble
PC LH Top S.S. Spoon
PC Lighthouse w/Seagulls
PC NS L/H w/Plaque L/Pin
PC Pastel Mug-BlueO/PinkI
PC Pastel Mug-GreenO/YellowI
PC Plastic Tray w/Hanger Disc.
PC Rope Handled Bag
PC Scene Spoonrest w/Hanger
PC Spinner Spoon
PC Value Postcard Pack
PC Village Placemat
PC w/Raging Sea Placemat
Pearlized Glass Starfish-Asst
Pearlized Nautilus 6" & Up
Pearlized Silver Mouth
Pecten Shell Nite Lite
Peggy's Cove & Bluenose Waterglobe
Peggy's Cove 2 Tone Frosted Shot
Peggy's Cove 2 Tone Frosted Shot
Peggy's Cove 500 Piece Puzzle
Peggy's Cove Bumper Sticker
Peggy's Cove Epoxy Pin
Peggy's Cove Frosted Shot Glass
Peggy's Cove Golf Ball
Peggy's Cove Jumbo Pencil
Peggy's Cove L/H Sew On Patch
Peggy's Cove Lobster Tumbler Set
Peggy's Cove Mug w/Navy/Gold
Peggy's Cove Sticky Notes
Peggys Cove Embossed Mug
Peggys Cove Sunrise PM
PEI 2 Tone Frosted Shot Glass
PEI Abstract Lobster Stein
PEI Address Book
PEI Bell-Confederation Bridge-Med.
PEI Bell-Green Gables-Large
PEI Bell-Lady Slipper-Large
PEI Bell-Lady Slipper-Medium
PEI Bell-Lupin/Bridge-Large
PEI Bell-Map-Large
PEI Beverage Napkin-Confederation Bridge
PEI Beverage Napkin-Green Gables
PEI Beverage Napkin-Lady Slipper
PEI Blockhouse 4" Poly Ornament
PEI Boat/Lob Clear Shot
PEI Calendar 9"X12"-2011
PEI Flag 8"X12"
PEI Foot Shape Keychain
PEI Foot Shape Opener
PEI Frosted Shotglass w/LH
PEI Halo Mug-Abstract Lobster
PEI Halo Mug-Green Gables
PEI Halo Mug-Lighthouse
PEI Halo Mug-Lupin Bridge
PEI Island Girl Magnet
PEI LED Lobster K/C
PEI Lobster Magnet
PEI Lobster Pencil
PEI Lobster Pencil Sharpener
PEI Lobster Shot Glass
PEI Lobster Shot Glass Set (2)
PEI Lunch Napkin-Green Gables
PEI Lunch Napkin-Lady Slipper
PEI Lupins/Bridge Magnetic Notepad
PEI Map & L/H's Magnetic Notepad
PEI Mug-W/Abstract Lobster
PEI Mug-W/Blue Confederation Bridge
PEI Mug-W/Green Gables
PEI Mug-W/Island Lighthouses
PEI Mug-W/Lady Slipper
PEI Multi View shooter
PEI Photo Album
PEI Pictorial
PEI Pictorial Small
PEI Potatoes & Bag Magnet
PEI Province House 1.5"Ornament
PEI Puff Stitch Ball Hat
PEI Red Lobster Keychain
PEI Sanddollar Magnetic Notepad
PEI Silver Lobster Keychain
PEI Spinner Spoon
PEI Starfish Poly Magnet
PEI Tartan Map Stein
PEI Wharf Poly Magnet
PEI Writing Tablet (50 pages)
PEI/NB Electro Conf.Bridge Shot
Pewter Bluenose Spoon w/Dome
Pewter Lighthouse Spoon w/Dome
Phil. Starfish Red 2-3"
Philippine Blue Starfinger 4-6"
Photo Frame
Pink Abalone 3-5"
Pink Abalone Lacq. 4-5"
Pink Abalone Lacq. 5-7"
Pink Murex 3.5-4"
Pink Murex 4" & Up
Pink Murex Shell Nite Lite
Pink Roller up to 4.25"
Pirate Boat
Placemat - Eat Lobster
Plastic Mini Lobster
Plastic Puffin on Base-5"
Playing Cards - P.C.
Plush Lobster Puppet 13"
Polished Black Abalone 2-3"
Polished Glycermis Clam
Polished Mixed Cones
Polished Red Top
Polished Silver Mouth
Polished Tulip Shell
Polly Pub Sign
Poly 2" Lighthouse Ornament
Poly 3-D Lighthouse Picture Frame
Poly Fisherman-2 Asst
Poly Foam X-Mas Ornament - 7.5 mm
Poly Lighthouse Figure 1.5"
Poly Lighthouse Figure 2.25"
Poly Magnet-Bear w/Lobster-SOUV.
Poly Magnet-L/H & Cruise Ship-SOUV.
Poly Magnet-Man/Boy Looking to Sea-SOUV.
Poly Magnet-NS Oil Rig
Poly Naut.4" Figurine (3 Asst)
Poly Nautical Frame-SOUV.
Poly Ornament-Santa @ Lighthouse
Poly Pen Holder-Puffins-SOUV.
Poly Santa/Lighthouse ornament
Poly Wreath/Trap Ornament
Polyester Raincoat w/Hood
Polyester Raincoat w/Hood - Embroidered
Porc. L/H With Double Dolphins Tealight-8.25"
Porc. Mixed Shell Nite Lites
Porcelain Lighthouse
Porcelain Thimble w/Dome
Print/Matte-Bluenose 5x7
Print/Matte-Bone/Teeth 8x10
Print/Matte-Close Hauled 5x7
Print/Matte-Crew of Bluenose 11x14
Print/Matte-Elimination Race 11x14
Print/Matte-Finish Line 8x10
Print/Matte-Fishermen 11x14
Print/Matte-Grey Dawn 8x10
Print/Matte-Henry Ford 8x10
Print/Matte-Kingdom 8x10
Print/Matte-Lone Gull 11x14
Print/Matte-On the Mark 8x10
Print/Matte-Reflection 11x14
Print/Matte-Reflection 8x10
Print/Matte-Rocky Coast,CB 11x14
Print/Matte-Saga of the Sea 11x14
Print/Matte-Scanning Weather 11x14
Print/Matte-Surf at PC 11x14
Print/Matte-The Citadel 8x10
Print/Matte-Toilers 11x14
Print/Matte-Toilers 8x10
Print/Matte-Traps @ Cape Smokey 11x14
Print/Matte-Weather Wise 11x14
Print/Matte-Wing&Wing 8x10
Print/Matte-Wonderlust 8x10
Proud Canadian Postcard
Puffin Tote Bag-NL
Puffin W/Santa Hat Ornament
Puffin X-Mas Orn. Wreath-SOUV.
Puffins Magnetic Notepad
PVC Lobster
Queen Conch 10-11"
Queen Conch 7-9"
Queen Conch 9-10"
Rain Jacket-Embr.
Rain Poncho
Rd/Wht Fishing boat 6"
Recipe Box
Red Cameo 5-6"
Red Drum Fish Ornament
Red Halo Mug Souv. W/Abstract Lobster
Red Halo Mug Souv.-5 L/H's Of N.S.
Red Halo Mug Souv.-Fishing Village
Red Halo Mug-Abstract Lobster-Souv.
Red Lobster Cracker-Carded
Red Lobster Keychain
Red Lobster Keychain-Nova Scotia
Red Lobster Keychain-Peggy's Cove
Reef Gravel - Coarse
Resin lg seagull on trip piling w/rope
Resin Mermaid Banner Magnet
Resin Sanddollar Plaque
Resin Sanddollar Shadow Box (4 Asst)
Resin Seagull waterglobe3.5"; Newfoundland
Resin Shell Plaque-3 asst.
Resin Starfish Shadow Box-Asst
Rice Shells
Roller 4-5"
Roller 5-6"
Roller 7-8"
Rooster Tail - Asst
Rope Picture
Sailboat Lamp
Sailor Knot Bracelet
Sailors Knot Bracelet
Salt & Peppers 2.5"-Souv.
Salt Water Taffy Bag (113 g)
Salty Mariner Magnet-Souv.
Sand and Shells in Bottle-Souv. Halifax
Sand and Shells in Bottle-Souv. Prince Edward Island
Sand Dollar 5-6"
Sand Dollar Magnetic Notepad
Sand Dollar Packaged
Sand Dollars 2-3"
Sand/Stone Resin Starfish
Sand/Stone Starfish 4x6 Photo Frame
Sandal Glitter K/C
Sandal Magnet - NS
Sandal Magnet - PEI
Sanddollar 2-3"-no holes
Sanddollar Shell Pack 4"
Satin Crab
Scal.Shell/10 SaltWtrTfy
Scanning the Weather Magnetic Note Pad
Screened Bag With Nova Scotia Bluenose
Screened Bag With Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
Scrimshaw Magnet-Map of Maritimes
Sea Biscuit
Sea Biscuit 3-4"
Sea Cow Head Magnetic Notepad
Sea Shell Candle Set
Seacow Lighthouse Magnet
Seafood Bar Sign
Seagull on Piling
Seagull on Piling Ornament
Seagull on Piling W/Motion Sensor
Seagull Rug
Seagull Waterball - NL
Seagull Waterball - PC
Seagull Waterball 3.5" - NB
Seagull Waterball 3.5" - NS
Seagull Waterball 3.5" - PEI
Sealife shadow box-3 Asst.
Set of 3 Resin Shells
Set/2 Flying Mtl Gull Wall Plaques
Shark Jaw 4"
Shark Tooth Bracelet
Shark Tooth Pendant
Shell Ball Ornament
Shell Basket 4"
Shell Basket 6"
Shell Garland
Shell Ornament Set (6/set)
Shell Pack-oval
Shell Pack-oval w/green
Shell Pack-round
Shell Pack-round w/wire
Shell/wd starfish 4 hook keyholder
Shell/wd starfish 4 hook keyholder
Shells & Sand In Bottle Magnet-Nova Scotia
Shells & Sand In Bottle Magnet-Peggy's Cove
Shells & Sand In Bottle Magnet-Prince Edward Island
Shells and Sand in a Bottle-souv.
Ship in Bottle W/Light
Ship in Bottle-asst
Ship Wheel Plate
Ship Wheel-12"
Ship Wheel-15"
Ship Wheel-18"
Ship Wheel-60"
Ships Wheel Ornament 4"
Ships Wheel Spinner Keychain-NS
Shooter Souv.-5 L/H's of NS
Shooter Souv.-Abstract Lobster
Shooter Souv.-Blue Bridge
Shooter Souv.-Blue Ship
Shooter Souv.-Fishing Village
Shooter Souv.-Gold Ship
Shooter Souv.-Lobster Country
Shooter Souv.-Map & L/H's Of PEI
Shooter Souv.-PEI Tartan Map
Shorebirds on Pilings
Shorebirds Plaque
Shot Glass Souv.-5 L/H's Of N.S.
Shot Glass Souv.-Abstract Lobster
Shot Glass Souv.-Blue Bridge
Shot Glass Souv.-Blue Ship
Shot Glass Souv.-Fishing Village
Shot Glass Souv.-Gold Ship
Shot Glass Souv.-Lobster Country
Shot Glass Souv.-Map & L/H's Of PEI
Shot Glass Souv.-PEI Tartan Map
Shrimp Boat 12"
Shrimp Boat 5"
Shrimp Cocktail
Silver Lobster Keychain
Silver Lobster Keychain-Nova Scotia
Silver Lobster Keychain-Peggy's Cove
Slit Pink Conch
Slit Roller 4-5"
Slit Roller 5-6"
Slit Roller 6-7"
Slit Roller 7-8"
Sm Man Made Brain Coral
Sm Resin Coral Centerpiece-Red
Sm Resin Coral Centerpiece-White
Sm Rubber Lobsters
Sm. Glass Jellyfish-Brown
Sm. Glass Plate
Sm. Wood Ship-Asst.
Sm.Blue Glass Whale
Sm.Glass Sanddollar Plate W/Stand
Sm.Wood Frame with Lobster
Small Shell Stand
Small Boat- 6 Asst.
Small Glass Pink Jellyfish Paperweight
So Much to Sea NS Bell
Soft PVC Magnet w/Open Letters-NS
Souv. Yllw Coat Capt. Mag
Sparkle Humpback Whale W/Baby 6"
Spiral Drop Hanger
Spondylus Regius 3-4"
Spoon Rest Souv.-5 L/H's Of N.S.
Spoon Rest Souv.-Abstract Lobster
Spoon Rest Souv.-Anne of Green Gables
Spoon Rest Souv.-Cabot Trail
Spoon Rest Souv.-Fishing Village
Spoon Rest Souv.-Fishing Village
Spoon Rest Souv.-Lady Slipper
Spoon Rest Souv.-Lady Slipper & L/H
Spoon Rest Souv.-Lobster Country
Spoon Rest Souv.-Lupin Bridge
Spoon Rest Souv.-Lupins
Spoon Rest Souv.-P.C. Lighthouse
Spun Glass Ship in a Bottle with Light
Sq. PC Lighthouse/Cove Ornament
Squ. P.C. L/H Pot Holder
Star Finger White Lrg
Starfish Dish With Candles
Starfish Frame
Starfish I Dig
Strait Mug Abstract Lobster-Souv.
Strait Mug Souv.-5 L/H's Of N.S.
Strait Mug Souv.-5 L/H's Of NS
Strait Mug Souv.-Blue Bridge
Strait Mug Souv.-Cavendish Beach
Strait Mug Souv.-Fishing Village
Strait Mug Souv.-Lupins
Strait Mug Souv.-PEI Tartan Map
Strait Mug Souv.-Wood Islands
Strait Mug-souv Abstract Lobster
Strait Mug-souv W/Lady Slipper
Straw Hat
Stretchy Bead Lobster
Strombus Gallus
Strombus Vitatus Whte
Struggling Captain Wine Bottle Holder
Sugar Starfish 10-12"
Sugar Starfish 2"-4"
Sugar Starfish 4"-6"
Sugar Starfish 6"-8"
Sugar Starfish 8-10"
Sugar Starfish up to 2"
Surfboard w/Shark Tooth Necklace
T-Towel Bluenose-Nova Scotia
T-Towel Peggy's Cove Lighthouse-Nova Scotia
T-Towel Peggy's Cove Lighthouse-Peggy's Cove
T-Towel- Bluenose;Bluenose
Tall Ship
Tall Ships-4 Asst.
Terebra Dimidiata
Terebra Maculata
Terebra Maculata
Textile Design-"I'm too cute to throw back"
The jolly roger pub sign
Thimble - Nova Scotia
Three Churches of Mahone Bay Postcard
Three Churches of Mahone Bay Print w/Matt
Three Churches w/Leaves Postcard
Tic Tac Toe Games
Tiger Cowrie Purple Top
Tiger cowries - natural
Tin Lobster Sign-9"X12"
Tonna Cepa 5.25-6.25"
Tonna Tesselata 1.5" & Up
Tote w/Zipper - NB
Town Clock & PC L/H Mug-Swirly Blue
Trap & Sm. Lobster Magnet-PEI
Trask 11x14 Matt-Maud Lewis House
Trask 8x10 Matt-Black Shack w/Boats
Trask 8x10 Matt-Cove/Shacks/Cape Boat
Trask 8x10 Matt-Green Roof Shack w/Wharf
Trask 8x10 Matt-L/H
Trask 8x10 Matt-L/H in Distance
Trask 8x10 Matt-Sailboat @ Dock
Trask 8x10 Matt-White Cape Boat @ Dock
Trask 8x10 Matt-Yellow Boat @ Wharf
Tree Snail
Triple ships pulley wall hook plaque
Triton 10-11"
Triton 11-12"
Triton 12-13"
Triton 5-6"
Triton 6-7"
Triton 7-8"
Triton 8-9"
Triton 9-10"
Triton Trumpet lamp 16"
Trocha Green Nat Pol
True Tulip 4-5"
Turbo Goldmth Banded 2"
Turbo Shell Polished
Turbo Silvermouth Stripe 2"
Turitella Terebra 5" & Up
Turkey Wing
Two Tone Cavendish PEI Shot(2asst.)
Two Tone Cavendish PEI Shot(2asst.)
Two Tone PEI Frosted Shot
U catch seafood pub sign
Umbonium Shell-Pearlized
Union Jack Flag 8x12
Used Fishing Rope
Vintage welcome to beach print
Wall Hook
Wd Saying Sign-Butter Me Up!/Lobster
Wd Saying Sign-You Crack Me Up!/Crabs
Welcome Home PC Pub Sign
Welcome Sign
West Ind. Operculum
West Indian Murex
White Apron-Souv.
White Arc Shells (1 KG)
White Ceramic Shell S&P
White Nautical Mug-Souv.
White Starfinger-9"
White wood shell 4x6 photo frame
Wilcox 8x10 Matt-Cape Boat in Cove
Wilcox 8x10 Matt-Dory by Fish Store
Wilcox 8x10 Matt-Fishing Cove
Wind-up Lobster 6"
Wingspread Seagull
Wood Dolphin
Wood 3 Bird Houses on Pilings
Wood Anchor Clock
Wood Anchor Single Hook Plaque-2 asst.
Wood Bank With Dolphin Design
Wood Crab Photo Box
Wood Dragger
Wood Frame 5X7
Wood Lighthouse Birdhouse
Wood Lighthouse White with Shells-11.75"
Wood Lighthouse With Net and Sealife-18.5"
Wood Lighthouse With Shells and Net-16"
Wood Pirate 6"
Wood Pirate Ship
Wood Propeller Clock-12"
Wood Rowboat Ornaments-Asst
Wood Sailboat
Wood Shore Scene Wall Mirror
Wood Welcome Plaque w/Gull/Shells
Wooden Compass 3"
Wooden Lighthouse-12.5"
Wreath Arc Shells 6"
Wreath Pecen Noblis 8"
Yarmouth L/H Print w/Matt
Yarmouth Lighthouse Postcard
Yarmouth, NS Lighthouse Postcard
Yellow Helmet 3-5"
Yellow Helmet 7-8"
Yellow Helmet 8-9"
Yellow Helmet 9-10"
Zebra Cowrie
Zodiac Ribbon Bookmarks on Cards
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